Carmel Maguire

Every time I have mentioned  Motivational Press, peoples eyes lit up and spoke highly of you and their knowledge of your company and the excellent work you are doing to navigate the difficult world of the writers and those who want to impart their writing skills to the world.

I am so impressed that you answer my emails so promptly and bring me confidence in my work.

The most amazing part of our relationship was the design of my cover for MEMORIES,MOTHERHOOD AND MARINARA.

You sent me a first email with concepts for the cover design , and WOW! You hit it out of the ballpark…FIRST time! How did you ever do that ? I was a expecting months of concepts~

Creativity, concern and caring…an added-on feature of your company~~a rarity in the day and age of globalization and ”quick fixes” ! A plus in my long experience in the corporate world!

Many thanks, Justin to you and your fine-honed team, in making a relationship that can at times be difficult to create satisfaction to get it right,on time and within the author’s satisfaction. High praises for the cover designer!

I am willing to speak to anyone who may have  questions about MotivationalPress~~anytime.

Carmel Maguire